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Tarby needs your help!

Hey guys!

As you may know, my good friend + super talented musician Tarby has already been booked to come here to Cali to perform at Equestria LA. The problem is, if he buys his plane ticket he’s going to be about $300 short for rent next month because album sales haven’t been going as well as planned. EQLA is doing two concerts this year—-live music on Friday night and electronic music on Saturday night—-and it would be amazing to have Tarby perform with us for our live show. If you saw his set at Las Pegasus, it was just…an intense experience. Not really sure how else to describe it, but if you were there when everyone gathered in a circle at the end, you know what I’m talking about.

Tarby was worried that because of the financial issues, he may have to cancel his performance for EQLA…and I said no, don’t cancel yet. It’s $300. We can raise this, right?!

Anyway, if you’d like to see Tarby perform this year, here are an album and song you can buy to support him so we can hopefully make this happen after all. They’re pay-what-you-can, so every little bit helps. And of course, signal boosting would be much appreciated. :)


Equestria LA info + prereg:

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    Make that about $100 away. Please help this man out! PWETTY PWEASE!
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    You fuckers better help! This guy needs to be at the con to promote the concert tour this summer. Go give him $5 bucks.
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    SIGNAL BOOST. Tarby is about $150 away from being able to afford his plane ticket, and the con is next weekend. Please...
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    Lets Show them What this Community can do!
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    Even though we’re two broke motherfuckers we still want to help this amazing dude! Seriously, this guy deserves the...
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    it’s time to help the man.
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    Let’s give Tarby a hand guys! It’s 300$ only, this fandom has raised a lot more. Go comission him right now!
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    Okay, I only have like….say…..8 or 9 followers but what the hell. I can’t afford to help get this guy over to the golden...
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    Boosting for a good froend
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    Signal Boost for a chill dude.
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